To start using SSL Problem Finder, simply import a Wireshark trace ..

SSL Problem Finder will allow you to decode the traces for SSL or AT-TLS traffic. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is widely implemented to protect TCP application traffic. SSL Problem Finder will help you diagnose problems with connection setup and negotiation. You can view problems with certificates, encryption algorithms and much more.

Many of the problems with SSL happen with the initial handshake. The handshake can be quite complex. A number of packets are sent back and forth. There can be errors at any step of the way. There are also multiple kinds of handshakes. SSL Problem Finder will deduce the handshake type and what packets must be sent and from which direction.

Take a look at how SSL Problem Finder not only matches the packets but also analyzes the timing.


You can use SSL Problem Finder to:

Diagnose SSL handshake problems,
Assess SSL performance implications,
View certificates used,
View certificate authorities used,
View expired or bad certificates,
Check heartbleed issues,
Assess vulnerability to Poodle,
View encryption algorithm used, and
Do it lots faster than you could do it manually!